The Master of Science in Conservation of Cultural Heritage (MCons) is a multidisciplinary graduate programme. The objective of MCons is to offer an advanced education programme on the conservation and management of cultural heritage, with a focus on both historic buildings and built environments encompassing towns, villages, landscapes, and archaeological sites. Coupling an intensive theoretical and scientific approach with practical, studios, and lab-based projects, MCons allows graduate students to gain specialized skills in analysis, research, and practice of conservation of cultural heritage.

The program seeks ambitious individuals from all backgrounds with a keen interest in understanding and safeguarding the values of cultural assets in contemporary life. MS in Conservation of Cultural Heritage receives students from various disciplines such as architecture, city and regional planning, civil engineering, geological engineering, and sociology. Admission is open to all candidates holding a Bachelor's Degree.

The Master's Programme has a duration of two years. Students follow coursework and complete a dissertation to receive a Master's degree. The language of instruction is English.