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22/09/2023 - 14:38

METU Conservation of Cultural Heritage (in alphabetical order)

Ömür Bakırer, Prof. Dr.

B.Sc., Ankara University; M.Sc., University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Ankara. |

Fields of interest: Materials of construction, traditional materials and techniques

Duygu Ergenç, Dr. 

B.Sc. Geological Engineering METU, M.Sc., Conservation of Cultural Heritage METU, Conservation and Restoration of Architectural Heritage, School of Architecture UPM, Ph.D. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Co-fund postdoc, Civil Engineering METU.
Fields of interest: Historic building materials, Roman mortars, repair mortars, archaeological heritage, archaeometry, nano-structured smart materials in conservation treatments, sustainable solutions to climate change adaptation of heritage

Fuat Gökçe, Inst. Dr.

B.Arch., M.S., METU; Ph.D., Ankara University.

Fields of interest: conservation, restoration; problems in maintenance and conservation of traditional housing; conservation in archeological sites; Hellenistic period architecture, structural techniques ve problems in restoration; advanced architectural documentation technique

Nimet Özgönül, Inst. Dr.

B.Arch., M.Arch., Ph.D., METU.
Fields of interest: cultural heritage (historical environment/ single building- memorial / archeological sites) conservation and restoration); administration of archeological/ management models; rehabilitation of traditional buildings for tourism |